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PULCHER's goal is to integrate environmental sustainability into all relevant areas of our business.
On this page you can get an insight into some of the many initiatives we work with in the field of climate and environment.

PULCHER's focus areas

PULCHER works dedicatedly on:

  • fight against climate change
  • that our products are made from responsible raw materials
  • reducing packaging and waste
  • investment

Fight against climate change

PULCHER will more than halve greenhouse gas emissions from electricity and heat for our stores, distribution centers and office buildings by 2030.

We are working hard to make our facilities more efficient, to transition to renewable electricity and to phase out fossil fuels. We also focus on our supply chain and transport partners. Our goal is to become CO2-neutral in everything we do by 2035.

Responsible raw materials

We envision a future where all products are made from materials that are renewable or recycled and produced responsibly.

We have committed ourselves specifically within the various types of raw materials:

Wood, cardboard and paper

PULCHER demands that all wood, cardboard and paper used in the production of our products must come from certified, responsible sources.


All metal purchased for PULCHER's products must come from sustainable sources, because the metals can be processed and thus reused again and again. Recycling metal is energy-intensive, but not nearly as energy-intensive as extracting new metals. We only use metals that can achieve leading international approvals and certifications.

More sustainable wood

Before the end of 2025, all PULCHERS products and packaging made of wood, cardboard or paper will be FSC® certified (FSC® N001715). Look for the FSC label when shopping at our dealers.

FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council®, which is an international non-profit organization and labeling scheme for wood and paper originating from sustainable forests and other responsible sources.

More recycled materials

PULCHER works continuously to increase the use of recycled materials in our products - without compromising on quality and safety.

This also means that, in collaboration with our suppliers, we work to ensure that the products are designed in such a way that they are easier to take apart. This makes it easier to reuse the different parts of the products.

Sustainable life

High quality and longevity reduce the extraction of resources and the production of new building materials

PULCHER offers a lifetime spare parts guarantee, to ensure the longest possible lifespan and the smallest possible climate footprint.

Environmental certification

Sustainably manufactured from exclusive and long-lasting materials, our productions comply with e.g. ISO 14001 environmental certification and is also OHSAS 18001 certified, which ensures that there is control over the internal working environment activities that must ensure the safety and health of employees.

Gold Standard verification

In order to achieve the highest possible CO2 reduction, PULCHER invests in few but effective projects - all of which are Gold Standard certified. This means that they are verified by UN-accredited inspectors with high requirements for design, effect, governance and reporting.

PULCHER makes a real difference

In the last 3 years, PULCHER has, among other things, helped establish new wind turbines, develop new renewable energy sources and support sustainable efforts in African villages – all in all projects that reduce global CO2 emissions.

Climate compensation you can trust

The auditing firm Deloitte prepares regular audits of our CO2 statements and thus verifies that PULCHER's efforts actually compensate for PULCHER's CO2 emissions - and more. They also verify that PULCHER participates in Gold Standard projects (UN accredited), thus guaranteeing the quality of PULCHER's efforts.

This is how PULCHER reduces CO2 emissions

In PULCHER's work to secure climate compensation, the priority is to;

  • participate in Gold Standard projects that can deliver CO2 reduction.

  • participate in projects that achieve social benefits in third countries of the world.

  • contribute to projects that build new plants for renewable energy – especially wind and solar energy.

  • spread the message that you can offset your CO2 emissions as a supplement to your own climate measures.

PULCHER generally invests in climate projects in non-quota countries. These countries are not subject to restrictions on CO2 emissions, and PULCHER can therefore make a big and measurable difference here. Both socially and environmentally.

Social development can reduce CO2 emissions

Some of the projects that PULCHER invests in have great benefits for the environment. Others have great significance for the local population. These are two sides of the same coin. PULCHER can make a big difference in the CO2 accounts by increasing both the quality of life and reducing the use of fossil fuels.


PULCHER´s focus

The UN's Global Goals for Sustainable Development

PULCHER works with the UN's Global Goals to ensure that our primary efforts in sustainability and responsibility match the areas where we have the greatest impact through our value chain.

Based on this, we have selected the world goals that are most central to our work.