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Pulcher Mood 2 PM2-6080 - Mirror w/light and light control, Mathvid Ramme

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Pulcher® Mood 2 Mirror PM2-6080 Fog-free mirror w/light and light control, Mathvid Frame Dimensions: W60xH80 cm

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High-end design mirror from Pulcher® Denmark with integrated and adjustable LED light, with on/off, dimmer, color temperature and illuminance regulation.

Minimalistic design with an elegant and uniform strip of light all around, which gives a nice effect and a perfect working light.

Pulcher lighting mirrors are delivered complete and are ready for installation. Touch/switches are mounted in the mirror glass.

Light plays an important role in our health and well-being, and it is proven that good light increases our quality of life.

With the Pulcher Mood frame mirror, it is always possible to find a pleasant light, as close as possible to the light of the sun, so that the colors of materials and people are reproduced nuanced and natural.

Get a delicious mirror product of the highest quality with the right light colors. The Pulcher Soho mirror ensures that you always get a uniform light and the same correct color reproduction, regardless of which light mirror you choose.

The Mood mirror has lighting control with a 12V lighting system, which gives the following options:
- Light control with memory of last settings.
- On/off function.
- Stepless dimming and color temperature control of the light 3,000 - 6,500K with 4 presets.

The electronic light control requires a 5 second interval between switching off and switching on to remember the last setting.

Optimal color reproduction, 3,000K is very warm light with reddish light shades, 6,500K is very cold and sharp light, with bluish shades. The light is regulated in several steps between 3,000 - 6,500K.

The mirror has a heating mat which is stuck to the back. When there is power to the mirror, the mat heats up the mirror and ensures that the mirror does not fog up

Note: The lifetime of the driver and LED is reduced if the light is switched on constantly.

Product info:

Designed for use in the bathroom for wet room zone 2.
RA value 90
Kelvin 3000-6500K (3000K is very warm, almost reddish light and 6500K is very cold, almost bluish)
Energy class A+
CE marked and IP44 approved
Light 25.4W LED
Connection 220/230V - 12V
Delivered incl. Wall bracket

Technical drawing

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