Cheese Ø135 - Bathtub Ø135, Solid Mathvid SolidTec®

DKK 46.900

Dimensions: Ø135 x 49h cm. Cheese 135 is a beautiful designkar cast in SOLIDTEC. The free-standing Chese vessel fits into any bathroom design. Exclusive massive quality cast in SOLIDTEC, clean massive solid surface, in a nice matte finish, designed as complements any modern bathroom. SOLIDTEC is a solid surface product, it is hard, solid, easy to clean and virtually maintenance-free, resistant to cleaning powders and descaling. We offer a 10 year warranty on the material. Delivery time 8 weeks of booking.

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  • Made of the best materials, colour-resistant 100% SolidTec® - pure massive solid surface
  • Easy to clean - withstands scouring powder and descaling
  • Exclusive matte white finish
  • Incl. bottom valve in SolidTec® and flexible drain hose value NOK 1,795
  • 10-year guarantee on the material
  • Free shipping and fast delivery

Stylish design, delicious materials and good craftsmanship, these are the key words for Cheese, part of the bathtub series created by Staunstrup+Jensen in collaboration with the furniture manufacturer Pulcher®.

Pulcher's design has roots in Danish design tradition and is a new interpretation of the classic bathtubs. There is a clear focus on the simple expression with well-considered details and interior ergonomics, which add a dressy softness to the otherwise sharp look.

The Cheese bathtub has welcoming soft curves, but at the same time appears as a stylish and tightly designed sculpture with great emphasis on comfort.

The interior design is inspired by the idea of a simple and friendly shape that is easy to clean and comfortable to use.

Made in exclusive matte white finish of solid SolidTec®, 100% pure solid surface.

SolidTec® is hard, solid, easy to clean and almost maintenance-free, withstands cleaning, scouring powder and descaling.

We provide a 10-year guarantee on the material.

Incl. bottom valve in SolidTec® and flexible drain hose value NOK 1,795

Price excl. mixing battery

Technical drawing

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